4th, British Invasion?

Music is the common language of the world, and world peace is the mission of musicians.

Americans are afraid that the pop music epidemic will all start in Britain
It is called the First British Invasion that the Beatles and other bands conquered the world.

and the second British Invasion was one-hit wonders such as George Michael) in the 1980s.
and the third is Ed Sheeran (Edward?)・ Sheeran) has already noticed that he is repainting the world music scene by himself.

Ed Sheeran’s song: “Thinking out loud ” is always played at weddings.

Next is the fourth, but German 22-year-old girl Sina seems to be the most promising candidate.

The English people have a foresight, rather than an eye-opener.
And we built a system that everyone can support, whether they are wealthy or not … a system similar to a subscription … that is the patron system. Even with a monthly fund of 1,000 yen or less, if millions of people gather, it will become a huge industry. At this rate, Japan will be left behind from the world again.

In the case of Britain, even if it occupies at most 100 million artificial island nations musically, the invested money cannot be recovered, so it will try to take Asian countries including Japan in a sneak peek. Are Asian countries just looking at it with their fingers?

By the way, there was a time when Germany, Britain and Japan were allies during the war.

In order to take advantage of the friendships left by our ancestors and change the music scene, “What can Japan do other than money?” Can we contribute to the pursuit of happiness? I think it’s good to think about it.

Anime (Hatsune Miku) and games are some of the things that Japan can be proud of in the world.

If Britain, Germany, and Japan form a musical alliance, wouldn’t the world fit in a circle? I think it’s around this time today.


(ビートルズなどによる音楽シーンでの英国の侵略)と80年台の、第二次ブリティシュ・インベージョン(同じくジョージ・マイケル等の一発屋たち)を経て、第三次は、Ed Sheeran (エドワード・シーラン)がすでに、一人で、世界の音楽シーンを塗り替えていることに気がついている。結婚式で必ず流れるのは、エド・シーランの曲:Thinking out loud だ。









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